понеделник, 20 април 2015 г.

I don't

Everyone talks about the crazy, heart-breaking, mind-blowing "love" that makes you lose all of your sanity, shakes you like an earthquake and leaves you speechless. They say that this is the true one, they believe in it, pursue it. I don't, not at all! True love is humble, tucks you with the blanket quietly and turns off the lights, cooks the dinner, laughs at the flaws, protects fiercely. At times it cries secretly in the bathroom, gives away its seat on the bus, kisses your bruises and messes up your hair. It talks with you on the phone for an hour even if it wants to sleep, says "Thank you" and "I'm sorry" and all this while bleeding. Because true love bleeds out of sacrifice and it is ready to die for you. It has nothing to do with emotions and dreams. It is a life-long war against one's own ego.


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Ще си твърде шумен в библиотеката, ще носиш твърде ярка блуза. Ще бъдеш празната бутилка на пътеката, хайде, дай им неударената буз...